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3 Tips for acoustic to electric

We, as guitarists, love our instrument(s). However, sometimes we may want to switch it up a little bit! For guitarists who are wanting to switch from acoustic to electric, these are tips for you!

1. Let the gear do the work for you!

When playing acoustic, you feel like you have to practically bang on your guitar to get the proper sound, right? The electric guitar is the opposite! You should use a lighter touch when playing the guitar for a good sound.

2. Bending strings is easier!

New electric players, that are switching from acoustic, often bend the strings while playing the guitar unintentionally. By bending the strings, it turns the chord you're playing into a sharp. Make sure that you are not bending your strings unintentionally!

A good thing about switching to electric guitar is that it's much easier to bend your chords! You won't be struggling to get those sharp chords out if you already have the finger strength from playing acoustic.

3. Decorations

Sliding, vibrato, hammer-ons, pull-offs and so much more! With the more bendable strings on electric, you will be able to do these things a lot easier. Plus, they just get you way more amped up playing on electric than acoustic! At least, that seems to be the reaction I get from my students.

Here is a small list of some other decorations you can do:

- Vibrato

- Vibrato on chord

- Slides

- Pinch Harmonics

- Tapping

- Hammer-ons/Pull-offs

- Rake

- Sweeps

- Palm Muting

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