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“My daughter learned so much from these lessons, and the animation keeps her engaged. Highly recommend this program!”

— Jared Miller, Father

"{Lindy} has a talent for teaching. She encourages my daughter and when Maddie gets home, she is excited to practice"

— Katie Campbell, California


Lead Basics

Course Description:

Lead Guitar Basics covers all the fundamental skills that budding lead guitarists will need.


No prior knowledge needed. Enter the world of guitar via lead guitar skills. 

Lead Guitar Basics

Strumming Basics

Course Description:


This course explains the theory of rhythms and shows the technical aspects of beginning strummers. I’ll teach these fundamental skills in a digestible way so you can play songs for your friends and family.


Creative Exploration

Course Description:

The Beginner Lead Guitar series covers lead guitar in a way that’s open for exploration.


There are tons of different ways to use these skills and I teach them in a context for the student to bring these skills to songwriting.

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